RF-Cables and


HF-Cables and HF-Handles


HF Handles

HF Handles REGER are thoughtfully designed, are characterized by an application-oriented outer contour and form a safe unit with the generators. All our handles can be reused up to 300 times.

Evoline Handles

The Evoline handle is small very filigree and fits like a pen in the hand. It is activated either by the buttons on the handle or by a separate foot switch for the respective electrosurgical generator.

Premium Handle

The premium handle is non-slip, wide and fits well in the hand. As with the Evoline handle, it is activated by the wide buttons on the handle or by a separate foot switch.


HF Cabels

HF Cables REGER made of biocompatible plastic provide a reliable and safe connection to all standard electrosurgical generators. The extensive range includes both standized connections and several plug variants for special instruments.

Connection Cable

Connection Cable

Connection cables for neutral electrodes

Connection cables for neutral electrodes are indispensable when using monopolar technology. Like our standard instrument cables, our neutral electrode cables are manufactured biocompatibly and designed to meet the highest standards.

Neutral electrodes

Neutral electrodes are required in surgery for the use of monopolar instruments. All our rubber electrodes are available for use with any standard electrosurgical generator.