1975: The Reger Company was founded by surgical mechanic expert Werner Reger who was specialized in producing high-frequency monopolar electrodes according to customer requirements. Up to his retirement Mr. Reger led our company in Deilingen and manufactured medical devices in high-quality handcrafted manner.

2004-2006 : Due to the age-related business succession Alexander Hetzel  took over the company. From the outset he has continued to lead the company in the same manner as its founder. Furthermore he has developed the existing production processes and complemented the product range. In 2006, the corporate headquarters moved from Deilingen to Villingendorf.

2009: The production of plastic-based medical devices, such as HF- cables and HF- handles, was integrated into the company. Ever since Reger has been a recognized and respected supplier of accessories for electrosurgery  and - as a consequence -  has completed the product range.

2012: As a result of the positive business trend of recent years Reger has increased in personnel, equipment and storage areas. Hence the space capacity at the location 'Silcherstraße' was no longer sufficient. However, by moving to the industrial complex at 'Commercial Road' in Villingendorf, Reger has purchased a building, which will meet the future requirements.